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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Advanced Medical Solutions, International (AMSI) is a group of six thoracic surgeons who are innovative leaders in thoracic surgery with a combined resume of over a thousand peer-reviewed papers, thirty thousand complex operations, and are considered authorities in the field of thoracic surgical oncology and innovators of product development.

Surgical Scissors

Our Story

Medicine is a hyper-regulated industry with endless design, evaluation, and investment complexities. Between 2017 and 2018, the FDA issued 1.5 recalls each week that cost billions of dollars to companies [add reference] and, tragically, thousands of lives. However, the industry continues working with the old model of siloed interactions with health professionals, where experts are consulted individually, and their opinions are later gathered internally, often causing R&D teams to miss the mark of what was really needed.


How to improve the outcome for patients while supporting established companies, start-ups, and educational institutions? 


AMSI believes in the development of strategies where healthcare stakeholders interact with a board of experts, solving as a team the complexities of healthcare.

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